• Chairs

    Standard Brown Chair .95

    Brown Fanback Chair $1.25

    White Fanback Chair $1.25

    White Wedding Chair $3.00 (Delivery Only)

    Nautural Wedding Chair $3.00 (Delivery Only)

    Black Garden Chair $3.00 (Delivery Only)

    Black Chiavari Barstool $12.00 (Delivery Only)

    Crystal Chiavari Barstool $9.00 with cushion (Delivery Only)

    Crystal Chiavari Chair $8.00 with cushion (Delivery Only)

    Walnut Chiavari Chair $7.00 with cushion  (Delivery Only)

    Gold Chiavari Chairs $9.00 with cushion (Delivery Only)

    Ghost Chair $25.00 (Delivery Only)

    Ghost Infinity Chair $25.00 (Delivery Only)

    Cross Back Chair $9.00 (Delivery Only)